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Fishing Rules

All fishing undertaken on club waters must comply with NRW byelaws.

 For salmon this means a season starting on 3rd March and ending on 17th October. 

All hooks used must be barbless or de-barbed. 

All salmon caught must be released with minimum injury or delay.

The salmon fishing is fly only from 3rd March- 1st June. 

Treble flies can be used provided no bigger than a size 8 (max. gape 7mm.)

Worm fishing for salmon is prohibited at all times.

Spinning is permitted between 1st June-17th October.

Only single hooks with a max. gape of 13 mm permitted.

A max. of 3 single hooks allowed on a plug.

No treble hooks permitted on any spinner, plug or spoon.

Shrimp and prawn is permitted between 1st September-30th September with a single small treble no bigger than size 8 (gape max. 7 mm.)

Seatrout season runs from 20th March -17th October.

All hooks must be barbless or de-barbed.

Worm fishing for sea trout is permitted between 1st June-30th September. Using a single barbless or de-barbed hook max size 8 and a single worm.

All sea trout above 60cm long must be returned without injury or delay.

Any member failing to adhere to the above rules will have their membership suspended/revoked after consideration by the Board of Directors.

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