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Sun Trevor Public House Parking

The club maintains a good working relationship with Mr Paul Jones owner of the sun Trevor Public House.However due to increased custom following the lockdown easing and on going building works it has been necessary to review the clubs parking arrangements. We may now park 2 cars in the public house car park up to 12 noon each day.However if the pub is open you may not park there after 12 noon. A new system of operating the car park is due to be deployed which will necessitate the input of your registration number.

Alternative parking can be found at the lay bye on the left as you travel into Llangollen where the road goes over the canal.The Wenffrwyd nature reserve is now open and offers free parking.We also have parking for 2 cars on the railway line by the Sewage works.

Please comply with the new arrangements.As always we encourage you to use the Sun Trevor for food and drinks

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