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Local fishing open from 18th May 2020

You may walk or cycle to fish locally ie. if you live in Llangollen you fish in Llangollen.Please respect the rules or risk Welsh Government withdrawing the permission.

YOU MAY NOT DRIVE TO FISH. The only exception to this is for disabled drivers who may drive but only in their locality.

You must fish alone or with one other member of your household.

Please observe social distancing rules. Keep at least 2 metres apart.

If you meet another angler on the river please stay 15 metres apart.

Do not share fishing rods or nets.

Huts will remain closed until further notice.

Wash hands or use hand gel regularly.

Wear gloves when opening gates or getting over stiles.If you use disposable gloves please take them home with you and bin.

It is to be hoped that regulations will be relaxed over the next 14 days allowing driving to fish.However for the time being driving to fish is not permitted and you risk a fine if you do so,

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